Canon EOS D60 Digital SLR


An evolution in design, a revolution in performance. The Canon EOS D60 takes the highest standards of the photographic world and brings them into the digital one. Exceptionally easy to use, the EOS D60 offers photographers auto focus, auto exposure, and even a built-in flash. Here's a digital SLR that integrates seamlessly into the EOS photographic system, which offers you the means to execute your most creative ideas. Combine an innovative 6.3 megapixel CMOS image sensor with the superior optics of Canon EF lenses, and you have the power to capture the finest details with brilliant color fidelity, wider tonal range, and smoother gradations. You'll do it fast, too: three frames per second in eight-shot bursts at the highest resolution.

Whether you're after true point-and-shoot style flash photography, or more advanced lighting, you'll find it in the D60. The D60 features Canon's exclusive E-TTL Flash system, which instantly analyzes dozens of criteria and adjusts the flash accordingly. Many of the factory settings (including AF Start/AE Lock control, exposure control icrements, and more) can be adjusted to your liking through the camera's rear-panel LCD display. There are forty possible settings in all, so the camera can reflect your personal style. Just like your photos.

No matter what the subject or the situation, the EOS D60 has it covered. Eleven different shooting modes can be selected -- all from a single convenient Command Dial. There's a fully automatic Intelligent Program AE mode, Shutter Priority AE for action shots, Aperture Priority AE to favor depth of field, and an automatic depth-of-field mode. You can also choose from Programmed Image Control modes for Portraits, Landscapes, Close-ups, Sports Shots, and Night Scenes. Manual control is also an option. From up close to far away and everything in between, the D60 is the choice for choice.

Since the D60 is fully EOS compatible, you'll have access to the same lenses used by professional photographers and amateurs alike. Get closer, with the world's widest selection of auto focus lenses, from ultra-wides to super-telephotos. Or get a better look, with macro lenses designed for close-up shooting. As your photography skills grow, so can your camera outfit. A wide range of system accessories are available to the Canon EOS D60, including Speedlite and Macro Ring Lite flash attachments, a vertical grip, remote control accessories, and more. If you need it or want it, Canon has it. Whatever your needs, the Canon EOS system has the tools to let you express yourself. The only limit is your imagination.

Key Features:

  • 6.3 megapixel CMOS image sensor.

  • Sharper images, wider tonal range, and virtually no color bleeding, Thanks to the D60 onboard Digital Signal Processing (DSP) chip.

  • Custom Image Processing Paramters (contrast, sharpness, color saturation and color tone).

  • 35-Zone Evaluative Metering.

  • A much improved viewfinder with extensive data displays - aperture, shutter speed, exposure level, flash ready status, illuminated focus points - It's all neatly organized and extremely intuitive, and right there in front of your eyes.

  • E-TTL (Evaluative Through-The-Lens) flash exposure control.

  • Exceptional low light performance, right down to EV0.5

  • Designed around a stainless steel alloy chassis, and is protected by specially treated interior and exterior surface coatings.

  • Every D-60 RAW file contains an embedded 2048 x 1360 JPEG file that can be extracted instantly with the supplied driver software.

Personal Comments:

Having used film cameras for years, I find the feel of this camera to be indistinguishable from those SLR's I am familiar with. The D60 combines the familiarity of film bodies with the possibilities that digital imaging has to offer. I am so happy I bought this camera, and anxiously await for what the future of photography holds.

Paul Jaruszewski