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Paul- I truly enjoyed your work espescially the \"forbidden bed and breakfast\" or something like that but really all of your photos-ravishing colors....

Dan Steadly, United States
Dr. J ~ Wow! You have some amazingly beautiful photographs! I hope to one day take the time to train my eye to see as your eye does. Thank you for sharing the beauty of everyday, simple life. Your patient, Rachael Woodall

Rachael Woodall, United States
Dr J. Wow. I am sitting here on a Sunday afternoon, enjoying your photography and George Winston playing \"Black Stallion\" over and over. And over. Thank you for your caring heart. vicki macdonald Cassie\'s sister

Tickling the Ivory

Tickling the Ivory

Cassie\'s Sister
Type text here Paul, thanks for telling me about your site today at your office!!! I thoroughly enjoyed browsing around and will be browsing somemore for sure. Your work is phenomenal !! My favorite so far is the sunflower getting a shower from a watering can...WOW !! Monica

The Grass is Always Greener

The Grass is Always Greener

Monica McIntyre
worry about the minute so the magnificent takes care of itself

james.e, Ireland
great photos! enjoyed the yosemite ones the most.

Roni | homepage
Cool. Is this with your low light lens? m.r.

Dear Paul . . . Florida has flora worth photographing. With an eye such as yours, I can only imagine what you might envision. Please visit and marvel.

Betsy L. Angert, United States