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looking good!

James Don | homepage
What a fantastic web site you have! I deal with people from different countries everyday with your help you have made my life a lot easier - i can at last stop waving my arms around. Thank you so very much. This is fantastic!

Palace of Fine Arts

Palace of Fine Arts

vence | homepage
Now im genuinely pleased with your composing capabilities and in addition using the format for your blog site. Are these claims the paid topic and also can you customize it all by yourself? Regardless carry on the wonderful good quality creating, it truly is extraordinary to see an incredible weblog like this one currently.

Derek Manuel | homepage
Your website when it comes to elegance, it has captured the sense of the readers. The well organized theme blends with the content has the capacity to bring it to the top.

bob lalas | homepage
I sure miss these photos.. Anything new coming soon to our theaters from you? Hope all is well with you Colleen

Colleen Doyle, United States
Hi, I was just browsing sites when I came across yours. Anyway, you have some nice images on your site, and have a great day. -Billy

The Banana

The Banana

billy, United States | homepage
Paul, it goes without saying that your pictures are totally amazing. Since I did not find an email contact on your page I am going to ask you a question here, but ask you not to post it. I am simply looking for some insight. I create a lot of PowerPoint and occasionally some brochures. I do not sell this work but rather give it away as a service to my church. Often I find pictures on the internet that I will use to accompany a song, or to use as an illustration. Pictures often help put words into a more understandable context. My question for you is, How do you feel about people like me copying work like yours off the internet and using it for this kind of purpose? Obviously your work is copyrighted, and yet there is very little one can do to keep people from copying and pasting your work to their computers. Thank you for taking time to answer this question. Your feedback is most appreciated. Respectfully, Tim Wade

Tim Wade, United States
Great work Dr. P

Hany Girgis | homepage