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photographer Paul Jaruszewski.
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There were a few guys para-surfing ( if that's what it's realy called ) at the mouth of San Francisco Bay. They would get up a good head of steam, and let their sails rise above them and be lifted out of the water. It seemed like a good day for their activity, but not so great for photography, but I wanted to include this shot in the travel gallery because I enjoyed watching them so much. This shot was taken with a 300mm lens and a 1.4X converter.

Since posting these pictures, I have learned that this sport is called kiteboarding and is onte of those extreme sports that while dangerous is becoming quite popular. Not im my circles yet!

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hide photo detail info shooting date: 2004-08-13 | location: San Francisco
shutter speed: 1/640s | aperture: f/8 | ISO: 200 | lens: Canon 300 f4 L IS @ 420mm (546mm in 35mm film SLR)
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