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photographer Paul Jaruszewski.

Daly City Bart Station

The Hotel we stayed at while in San Francisco was the Embassy Suites in South San Francisco. It is located close to San Francisco Airport and is a quick drive into the city. On one day, we decided to attempt using public transportation to get into the city ( BART, Bay Area Rapid Transit ). To those who wonder why two educated adults would have to "attempt" to use public transportation, please remember my wife and I grew up in Los Angeles, where there is no such thing as public transportation. The day of our BART adventure happened by no accident to be during the weekend. What the terminals look like during the week I can only hazard a guess, but we were pleasantly surprised by both the lack of people, and the cleanliness of the stations. The station below is the Southern terminal of the Red line which presently ends in Colma, but is being extended to the airport a few miles to the South.
The distant point of view was quite bright compared to the near end, so I brightened up the shadows a little with Levels in PhotoShop.

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