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photographer Paul Jaruszewski.
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Making the Grade

Shot at the Model Train Museum in Balboa Park. A great place to visit if you like scale model trains! I have panned just about everything that moves with my camera, but I have to admit, small fast moving model trains are a challenge.

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You've worked the pan, shutter speed, depth of field, and curve of the track to perfection! This is a shot that probably couldn't be achieved in "full scale" life, unless you had a huge camera, maybe a format that used lenses with focal lengths measured in meters. Great shot! The frame complements the image well.

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Jess Isaiah Levin

hide photo detail info shooting date: 2006-08-25 | location: San Diego
shutter speed: 1/10s | aperture: f/5.6 | ISO: 400 | lens: Canon EF 70-300 DO IS @ 200mm (260mm in 35mm film SLR)
SLIDESHOW OFF | 4s | 7s | 10s | 15s | 20s