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photographer Paul Jaruszewski.
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Safari West - Gemsbok Pair

Safari West Gemsbock or Oryx gazella. Gemsbok mostly feed on nutritious leaves, grasses and herbs. During the dry season they feed on flowers and will also browse for food. To supplement water requirements gemsbok dig for succulents and extensively eat tsama melons. Preferred habitat is arid open grasslands, but they will also utilize a diversity of habitats like western Namib rocky areas, sand dunes of the Namib Desert and the Kalahari semi-desert plains. Lions, Leopards, Cheetahs, Spotted Hyenas and Wild Dogs prey upon the Gemsbok and calves are especially vulnerable, accounting for their very high mortality rate.

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hide photo detail info shooting date: 2005-04-11 | location: Santa Rosa
shutter speed: 1/800s | aperture: f/7.1 | ISO: 200 | lens: Canon 300 f4 L IS @ 300mm (390mm in 35mm film SLR)
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