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photographer Paul Jaruszewski.
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#67 Memory of Rose

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Completely adorable photograph! a great idea!! You could do this a hundred different ways, with different colors of vase, wall, table etc. put them in triptych, quadtychs (sic) - make a fortune ! My first reaction was why not a white table to simplify even more, and make the red petal more emphatic. best regards, gingerbaker (Roger Lambert)

Roger Lambert , United States

Another image where I like the concept. I probably would prefer if the flower in shadow had a better structure to it and perhaps just a touch sharper.

Daryl Pritchard , United States

hide photo detail info shooting date: 2003-06-18 | location: Rancho Santa Margarita
shutter speed: 0.7s | aperture: f/8 | ISO: 100 | lens: Canon 24-70 f2.8 L @ 27mm (43mm in 35mm film SLR)
SLIDESHOW OFF | 4s | 7s | 10s | 15s | 20s