White on White Solitary Sunset Sweet Dreams #41 Open Wide

 (LAST PHOTO)photographer Paul Jaruszewski.
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#41 Open Wide

Close up of what people have come to fear. Don't worry, I won't push it in past the hub.

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This picture is very unique... great shot..

technical quality 
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Hey I noticed you have a large amount, (comparatively) of dental based pictures. Are you also a dentist with an amazing talent for photography?

Tracy , United States

hide photo detail info shooting date: 2002-12-01 | location: Rancho Santa Margarita
shutter speed: 1/30s | aperture: f/4 | ISO: 100 | lens: Canon G2 built-in lens @ 40mm (194mm in 35mm film SLR)
SLIDESHOW OFF | 4s | 7s | 10s | 15s | 20s